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Medical Bill

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction

He quickly swiped the credit card between the hemispheres of her brain like he was paying for lunch. The card severed the corpus calosum in a spray of blood and cerebral fluid. Her strange eyes opened, blinking like a clock after a blackout, and she smiled, her musical voice sounding somehow mechanical, “Accepted.”


They told me each number on the device, once selected, would take the biological equivalent of one year from my remaining lifespan. My mind already made up, I mashed the entire keypad with my open palm.

The girl screamed and hunched forward, vomiting up batteries, bits of circuit board, and foot long sections of twisted wire. This wasn’t an exorcism. It was a malfunction.


Posted: August 8, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Science Fiction

In that first twilight second of night, daytime’s glow still limning the horizon, a single star showed itself. Within seconds it was bigger and brighter than its brother stars, mother-moon, and sire-sun. Detaching itself from the sky, the star descended to the desert floor. The Son of the Mighty One had come home.

Two divers pried open the giant bivalve and found a tiny child inside. They named her Pearl and raised her as their own and never lied to her about Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, all parents lie to their children. They told her she was normal.

The frog men were real. It didn’t matter if they had been spawning down here before the city was ever built or if they were some mutation born from two century’s run off loaded with drugs, vitamins, and radioactivity. They were real, they had their own flag, and they were headed for the surface.

Hard Days Light Technology can make holograms real! In as little as ten minutes we can make a new you realer than your own reflection! Let our state of perfection A.I. redo you! Join the thousands who have decided to “Live in the Light”! Only ten million multicreds – – and we ditch your body for free!