Corporate Retreat

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Horror

The floor was literally knee deep in hundred dollar bills, the faces of the presidents stained and discolored, stepped on by uncaring feet. The executives walked in, slack-jawed and blank-faced, dropping their money on the floor as they stumbled in. The thing in the center of the room was waiting for them, a gigantic fleshy starfish with sexually active pseudopods. It was some horrible nightmare thing with the legs and torsos of women from the tits down at the ends of its own legs. Another exec dropped his money as he stumbled in, frantically loosening his belt to drop his trousers. With the hurried frenzy of a hungry junkie he found a place between one of the headless torso’s quivering thighs and thrust himself into her – – it. He sighed in release. I screamed.


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