Posted: April 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

It was the first experiment of its kind. A preprogrammed probe was sent into the terminator about Black Hole NZ7263, that nebulous area where light was not powerful enough to escape the deadly gravity, but nor was it completely absorbed. The theory was images would captured there, photos if you will, trapped in time, of anything to ever disappear into the gaping black maw of NZ7263. To the delight of mission control and the researchers who had conceived of the project, the quantum crystal processors inside the probe’s computer sent back many fascinating images for study; dead moons, shattered comets, even something that might have been a ship constructed according to no known human design. No one could explain the final image though, the oldest one and deepest in, the last to be transmitted before the probe was destroyed, an image of some shining Adonis the researchers started calling Mr. Universe – – and the misshapen, inside out thing feeding upon him.


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