Posted: March 21, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Horror

At first, Tess thought her neighbor wasn’t going to let her in. Eliza was a prim, pale mother of three that had never bothered to make Tess’s acquaintance in the two years since she had moved in. She had a bible clutched to her chest when she finally, grudgingly let Tess inside. What was the big deal anyway? All she wanted was to borrow some cooking oil. Eliza led her to the kitchen and began rummaging in a cabinet. Tess let her eyes wander over the fridge as she waited, letter shaped magnets holding up childish scribble drawings. Tess stopped and looked again. The scribble drawing was a picture of Noah’s ark, she thought, but someone had been moving the letters. There was still a child sized thumbprint left by some chocolate on the letter P, “4 r KiDs hEre. HeLP.”


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