Worst Case Scenario

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction

Speaking as a scientist first and a Resurrectionist second, I plan to be cremated. Never leave your body to science. This is coming from a high priest, an initiate into the deepest mysteries of the new faith. Trust me, you cannot possibly imagine the uses to which we will put your lifeless flesh. Yes, we harvest organs to prolong lives, especially our own. We transfuse blood from the dead to rejuvenate our soldiers. We grow boneless, brainless lumps of flesh, neither food nor fodder, just to see how long we can keep them alive. In the best of all possible worlds some strand of your DNA will contribute to new, ground-breaking research. Worst case scenario, the lowest of our creations will squat in their concrete enclosures, gnawing on your bones, shitting out whatever is left of your brain.


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