The Power Within

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Superheroes

Whenever he used the Power, and he always thought of with a capital P, it changed him. At first, it wasn’t so noticeable, a reddening of his irises or the strange, sharp molars that replaced his missing wisdom teeth. Later, it became more pronounced, though still easily concealed. The ridges along shoulders and spine he could hide under his leather jacket. The masses of knuckle and claw his fists had become he covered with gloves. Luckily, the less he used it, the smaller the changes. The problem was some of those small changes were mental. Bad ideas began to look brilliant. Levitation up to the roof of the bank only gave him an extra toe. Blinding the cop that tried to arrest him when he left with the money regrew his foreskin, thick and finely scaled like a snake. Taking down the feds just outside Miami? That was a whole other order of business. Shrugging off bullets, blowing up FBI vans, that shit cost him. He got away with the money, hunchbacked and armor-plated, but what good was it if he couldn’t spend it? He was so freakish now he was better off in the Everglades with the other reptiles.


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