Posted: January 19, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Horror

I met Olivia during a particularly hellish week as a consultant at the Siddons Mental Health Containment Facility. Olivia Moon, the only patient I have ever truly believed was wrongfully committed. Simply put, the girl wasn’t insane. Nor did it hurt that she was beautiful in a wounded, fragile way. I did some discrete checking before I made my promise, but I did ultimately promise to get her out of Siddons. I wasn’t sure how to do it at first and, after researching several legal avenues, quickly realized drastic action would be required to free her. Olivia was petite and trusted me implicitly, which was good, because my plan required sedating her. After she was unconscious, I carefully dislocated her shoulders and the ball joints of her hips. Then I folded Olivia up, put her in my rolling suitcase, and walked out of Siddons never to return. It was necessary to leave my clothes and papers behind, but I was glad to make the trade. By the time the sedative wore off Olivia was screaming. Luckily, we were behind closed doors and I had the time and expertise to reset her dislocated limbs. Unfortunately for her I had no intention of doing so. I enjoyed the sound of her screams. You see, I had Olivia all to myself now – – and I was quite insane even if she was not.

  1. Another great short which would make for a horrific screenplay short.

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